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ARX TECH-AXS Private Limited (www.arxtechaxs.com) is a software company based in Gurgaon (a suburb of Delhi and the hub for technology companies), India. It focuses on developing software for financial institutions.

ARX's Risk Management Systems include Client Relationship Management, Credit Origination, Credit Rating, Credit Approval and Credit Monitoring modules , as well as specialized credit models. Its Loan Syndication Package consists of a Loan Distribution Platform together with an Agency Services Platform.

ARX combines years of actual hands-on debt markets experience combined with specialized technology skills. Its in-house development team consists of engineers from top schools in India. This enables ARX to customize its software according to the specific needs of the financial institution. ARX is also in a position to translate our software into a specific language, such as Mandarin, if required.

ARX's founder and CEO is a former banker Avinder (Avi) Bindra who spent twenty-six years with Citibank and five years with HSBC, covering the Asia Pacific region.

ARX's clients have included technology companies, banks and asset management companies.

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ARX TECH-AXS Private Limited

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