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Risk Management Tools
Debt Distribution & Administration
ARX Total Risk Management System
This proprietary software is organized into modules including Client Relationship Management, Credit Origination, Credit Approval, Credit Rating, and Credit Monitoring. Read More
Credit Rating
The ARX Credit Rating Model for international credit rating, uses well known and accepted PD models and methodologies and incorporates both quantitative and qualitative models. Read More
Risk Analytics
It has a number of analytics modules including Peer Group Comparisons, Risk Pricing Models, and Portfolio Default Models. Read More
Loan Syndication
The Syndication Package and Loan Distribution Platform offers a complete solution for managing the loan syndication process. From preparing an offer letter using standard templates to book running, communication, and document exchange, to closing prior to handing over to the loan agency, ARX offers a comprehensive package for any financial institution in the loan syndication market. Read More
Loan Agency Services
The Agency Services Platform is the only stand-alone agency-specific web-based communication and document exchange platform. It enables all parties in a deal (borrower, agent, lenders, lawyers and other parties) to come together to communicate, exchange documents, vote, and generate reports on a secured encrypted system. Read More